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    CAO LUC trading & manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of  Vietnam’s leading company in industrial adhesives.

    With modern machines & equipments system and experienced experts and staffs, Cao Luc has continuous studied and launched many products for woodworking industries, paper industries, handicrafts and paints.

    Adhesives for woodworking industries

    Mono component adhesives: It is suitable for wood indoor – outdoor, veneer, okal… in dowelling, finger joint.

    Two component adhesive: It is suitable for indoor & outdoor wood in laminating.

    EPOXY: It is suitable for handicraft, fresh wood and hard wood, flooring, kitchen table top tiles.

    HOTMELT: For automatic bending machine for bonding edges of different materials and soft forming e.g veneer & resinated paper edges, PVC, Polyester, melamine resin adged and heartwood.

    Adhesives for paper industries

    – Carton sealing

    – Corrugated carton closing

    – Tray forming

    – Side gluging

    – Perfect binding

    – Window patching

    – Tube winding.

    – Tissue tail sealing.

    – OPP lamination, flute lamination, dry lamination.

    – Book binding

    Handicraft Adhesives

    Adhesives has been used for crafts, rattan and bamboo coating…

    Insulating Paints

    – Anti-heat, Anti-mould & waterproof paints.

    – Interior paints.

    – Exterior paints.

    CAO LUC has been in operation with the motto:


    Cao Luc has been improving and enhancing the product quality in order to serve our customers’ demand. We are always pleased to cooperate with all the enterprises.