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    Cao Luc Co., Ltd established in 1986 in manufacturing and trading of industrial adhesives. Cao Luc has been in operation and developtment for over 30 years, with the company motto “Saved price – Prestige  – Quality products”, Cao Luc has been highly trusted by customers and gradually growing our brand name on the market.

    With our customers’ trust, our core strengths in the term of experience, prestige, quality, after- service sales, our experienced experts and staffs, Cao Luc has continuous studied and launched a variety of industrial adhesives for wood processing industries, paper industries, handicraft and issulating paints (heater-resistant paints, water-resistant paints, interior & exterior paints).

    Cao Luc has expanded at an alarming rate and developed all aspects of the business. We are also confident that we are recognized as one of Vietnam’s leading adhesives company qualified to bring a corteous and professional service, the best quality resulting in the highest level of satisfaction on the Vietnam market and are gradually expanding into the southest Asian Market.


    Establishment and development History

    1986 – Callux ® Sdn. Bnd Established office at Penang, Malaysia

    1987 – Callux ®  Built factory in manufacturing water-based emulsion adhesives in Malaysia.

    1996 – Callux ®  Renamed to Callux Packaging Sdn. Bnd.

    2001 – Callux  ®  Established office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    2003 – Callux ®  Built factory in manufacturing adhesives and resin in Vietnam.

    2010 – Callux ®  Develop industrial paints.